The Vampire Diaries' Recap

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The Vampire Diaries' Recap

Post  breakfast on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:58 am

This week's episode of The Heroes Seasons dvd box setVampire Diaries is called "Klaus" and with good reason: It's all about Klaus! We find out the real backstory of the oldest vampire in history, including the fact that he's not actually a vampire. Well, not JUST a vampire.
Elijah is Klaus' brother, and while their Gilmore Girls dvdparents were allegedly human, their mom had seven kids, and they all became the First Family of Vampires, the Originals. We Gilmore Girls dvddon't get their true origin story, but I am definitely looking forward to it, plus the fact that there are five more potential Originals the show can introduce throughout the series. That's great planning for the future of the series.The action unfolds CSI New York dvdas Elijah wakes up and tells Elena the story of how Klaus met Katherine (or Katerina, as she was called back then). The secrets Elijah reveals are fantastic and change the entire mythology of the series, so I'm officially in love with thisCSI New York dvd box set episode, and not just because Joseph Morgan is sexy as hell.
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