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Bones' Recap

Post  breakfast on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:59 am

A Hot Mess in FloridaBoothFamily Guy dvd box set and Brennan have been called to the Everglades to investigate a set of remains found deep in the swamp. I mean, really deep. So deep that all you find are hick sheriffs Doctor Who dvdand hogs with people teeth. Quality time in the swamp is cut short, however, by the convenient fact that the Ghost Whisperer DVDdead guy had a glass eye.The fake eye's serial number leads Brennan and Booth to some museum somewhere, headed by the guy from Little Mosque on the Prairie (hey, I like my Canadian sitcoms, OK?). The victim was a securityGhost Whisperer Complete Series box set guard named Sam. He turns out to have stolen an 18th century chart (not a map) that supposedly leads to the Santa Esperanza, a treasure ship.But the map chart hasn't been authenticated! Or has it? Hmmm...WeBrothers and Sisters dvd rapidly meet Walter (a paranoid son-of-a-b*tch), Leo (a big guy with a book and some supposed legal position) and Ike (the girl bartender). Then Booth and Walter deal with past issues by fighting over Brennan's ID.
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