Callaway LEGACY APEX Driver $199.99 at

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Callaway LEGACY APEX Driver $199.99 at Empty Callaway LEGACY APEX Driver $199.99 at

Post  lily1221 on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:54 pm

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Callaway Legacy APEX Driver

The Legacy Apex features an all new hyperbolic titanium crown, the first of its kind in the golf industry, which is created through chemical milling. This process creates a crown only 0.4mm thick or should I say thin. The hyperbolic crown is as strong and stable as previous heavier and thicker crowns but with the reduced weight allows additional weight to be placed lower in the driver.

A newly designed, chemically milled ELF titan hyperbolic face creates high ball speeds with minimal energy loss at impact. The same light weight concept applies to the face allowing weight to be distributed to the sole and body for optimal CG and higher launch and carry.


Callaway LEGACY APEX Driver $199.99 at 266_thumb_P_1330985467640


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