As a golf player, you know !

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As a golf player, you  know ! Empty As a golf player, you know !

Post  lily1221 on Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:32 pm

In the competition,According to USGA rules, you can carry fourteen golf clubs in your bag at one time.One set of golf clubs usually includes three woods,nice irons and one putter and player can add one wedge or iron according to themself.
In one competition,we will use wooden clubs,irons,wedges and putters.
we use Wooden clubs to hit a long distance.Long shaft and light club head are the features of the wooden clubs.The modern Driver is called wooden clubs but 70% are made of metal.Wooden clubs fall into driver,#3fairway wood,#4faireway wood and #5fairway wood,7fairway wood and #9 fairway wood.Clubs have a longer shaft and lighter weight along with the reducing of the club number,on the opposite side,they have shorter shafts and heavier weight.
With aTitleist 910D Driver, we can get about 210-250 yards.It is usually the most expensive club in the bag.Professional player can reach about 300 yards using the driver(i can never reach 300 yards even with myTitleist 910D Driver .Most loft of the driver range from 7 to 12 degree.Some of the sweet point is reaching about 6 .
We can achieve about 200-230 yards from #3 or #4 woods.Some amateur player are more like to use 3 or 4 wood to drive the ball to get more control.
Here i would like to introduce an very popular driver: Titleist 910 D3 DriverTitleist 910D Driver


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