TaylorMade Irons:TaylorMade R9 Max Irons VS TaylorMade R9 Su

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TaylorMade Irons:TaylorMade R9 Max Irons VS TaylorMade R9 Su

Post  tina112 on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:53 pm

Taylormade Japan introduces their all new R9 Max Irons for 2009! The R9 features a dual head design made for both performance and control. the 3-5 irons feature a high repulsion face with hollow cavity structure for increased distance.

The 6-Wedge feature a more compact undercut pocket cavity with a focus on feel, control and accuracy. The R9 features variable face thickness. Starting with 2.0mm thick face in the long irons to 2.3mm in the mid irons and 2.5mm in the short irons for enhanced feel.
Taylormade utilizes its inverted cone technology to expand the sweet area reducing overall loss on off center hits. The multifunctional sole is versatile and made to excel in any lie. The new R9 Max has strong lofts with a 25* 5 iron and a wider sole and more offset than the standard Japan R9 iron. Those who want R9 Technology in an ultra forgiving and distance performing package should opt for the super forgiving R9 Max Irons.
Taylormade golfalways offers quite a nice balance of irons between the athlete golfer and the average golfer segments. In the summer TM Japan announced their new R9 Supermax lineup, clubs that focused on max performance and distance. The Taylormade R9 Supermax Iron Set is for the average golfer looking for ease of use and distance performance.
The Taylormade R9 Supermax irons in a traditional look and shape with reduced offset. Clean, simple lines appeal to more traditional tastes. Two-piece hollow construction and Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) in the 4- through 7-irons. The large, thin faces deliver a significant increase in COR to promote faster ball speed as well as increased MOI for maximum forgiveness. One-piece undercut cavity with ICT in 8-iron through SW. Expands the sweet spot and lowers CG for high, yet controllable trajectories in the shorter irons.
The Taylormade R9 Supermax iron will gave the illusion of a smaller head thanks to having less offset and very balanced dimensions. The offset is in fact very similar to the Epon if not less even! Because of this the head on it's own doesn't look large at all. For the average golfer who still wants maximum forgiveness and class leading distance but not a huge chunky look this is a huge plus.
TaylorMade R9 SuperMax Irons

>>New coming series. Super Max is produced by TaylorMade in Japan, which is available with 4-9PAS setup in steel shaft on our web site.
>>Flight and accuracy, the structural design of two different head
No. 5 to produce a hollow structure is adopted in a large fly faster ball speed and loin pin. No. 8 - The wedge structure is adopted to capture the green Andakattokyabiti high trajectory.
>>High resilient wide stretch zone distance
Inverted cone technology face cone, expanding the impact zone, up to the repulsive force.


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