Know the Causes and Fixes Tips of Golf Hook Shot

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Know the Causes and Fixes Tips of Golf Hook Shot

Post  lily1221 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:56 am

Though the golf slice fault is probably the most common golf swing fault for most golfers, the golf hook shot fault is surely the second most troublesome golf swing fault. A golf hook shot is a swing fault that occurs when your golf ball starts right of your target (for right handers) then curves back to the left of your target. Mizuno MX-1000 irons A variation of the golf hook shot fault is the “golf pull hook fault” which occurs when you golf ball starts to the left of your target and continues to curve further left (for right handers).

So, now that you know what a golf hook fault and golf pull hook fault is, how do you fix them? Below, we provide a few key golf tips to fix these golf swing faults.

What Causes the Golf Hook and Golf Pull Hook Shots?

Poor alignment to the target: For example you are aligned too far right of the target.
Too strong of a golf grip (i.e., yourPing K15 Driver golf grip is rotated too far to the right on golf club grip). Related Coverage
Golf Hook- Learn Everything About Golf Shot

Within the article content you can learn how to play golf hook shot and what are the causes of golf hook shot. Check out golf hook shot fault and fixes section to get the solution.Golf Push Shot Causes and Fixes

Know why golf push shot occurs? What are reasons behind the golf push shot and how you can fix them? Step by step golf push shot cure tips to resolve the common swing fault problem. Bring these Ping K15 Irons tips and suggestion in your daily practice routines to become golf pro.Know how to correct a golf hook shot

Mostly beginners are passing their hard time to fix golf hook shot and each time they facing the same problem. One and only one solution available to fix the golf hook shot is practice your drills.Golf Hook - Practical Suggestions to Avoid a Hook Shot

If you have spent any time at all on a golf course you have come to a realization that one of the most common problems facing people who enjoy the links is the infamous golf hook. There areTaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons some practical and effective steps that you can take in order to avoid the dreaded hook. By way of this article you are provided a series of helpful points and pointers that will aid you in your own efforts to make a hook a thing of the past. This causes the clubface to close pre-maturely at impact, which sends the ball to the left.
Your club swing path is either “out to in” which sends the ball to the left or conversely too much “in to out” and combined with a closed clubface. An “in to out” swing path and closed club face creates counter-clockwise spin on the ball which sends the golf ball to the left.
How to Fix Golf Hook and Golf Pull Hook Shots

To fix either the golf pull hook or golf hook shot, follow these quick golf tips:

Make sure you align your body and stance parallel to your target. Think of standing on a railway line where your body is on the closest rail and the golf ball is on the farther rail.
Check to ensure you are using a neutral grip. Titleist CB 710 irons To check for a neutral grip, look down at your completed grip on the club and check that you see only two knuckles (forefinger and middle finger) of your left hand and that “V’s” formed from the creases of forefingers and thumbs of both hands point between right shoulder and right ear.
Check that you are swinging down the target line toward your target and not too much “in to out” and definitely not “out to in.”
Do some slow motion practice swings and check that the face of your club is “square” at impact.
These golf swing fixes may take a little time to get used to, but you will soon find they take only a few seconds to ensure you are set up properly and ready to go. Soon your golf hook fault and golf pull hook fault will be a thing of the past!

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Re: Know the Causes and Fixes Tips of Golf Hook Shot

Post  mycheapgolf on Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:58 am

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